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We have two locations: NVVS at RBPC located off of exit 72/74 in Chehalis and NVVS at State, conveniently located off of exit 79. Newaukum Valley Veterinary Services take pet care to a whole new level.

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Meet The Team

  • Dr. Brandy Fay
    Dr. Brandy Fay

    Dr. Fay, a Lewis County native, graduated from Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2007. She spent eleven years at Centralia-Chehalis Veterinary Hospital before opening her life-long dream: River Bend Pet Center and Newaukum Valley Veterinary Services. Dr. Fay enjoys all aspects of companion animal medicine and values the wonderful friendships she has developed with her clients over the years while caring for their beloved pets. She also has the honor of working closely with Police K9 Units. When she is not at River Bend Pet Center and Newaukum Valley Veterinary Services, Dr. Fay can be found spending time with her adorable family. 

  • Eden
    Eden -

    Eden lives on coffee and furry friends. She currently has three dogs named Cas, Loki & Louie as well as four cats named Sally, Rigby, Pudge & Getton as well as a pastel pinstripe ball python. Eden enjoys gardening, hiking and spending time with her little brothers. She has a collection of house plants that she really loves. She has been training/showing dogs since she was just 12 years old. Eden always has colorful spunky hair that matches her personality. 

  • lynn-cats
    Lynn -

    Lynn grew up in California's Bay area. She has lived in San Francisco, Miami, Hawaii and Idaho but she calls Washington her 'Home.' She loves her animal companion's Jinx & Binx and enjoys spending time with family and friends. The sunshine and outdoors is where she loves to be. 

  • jj and pup
    Jeremy -

    Jeremy has been working in Veterinary Medicine for 5 years and counting. He is originally from Michigan, but eventually moved to North Carolina and now here to Washington. We have had Jeremy with us since July of 2019. Jeremy enjoys playing video games and listening to podcasts in his downtime. He also enjoys hiking and fishing and just being in the outdoors. 

  • kathy
    Kathy -

    Her dog's name is Boing Boing. She is from Seattle, went to grooming school on 1967, and moved to Lewis County in 1988. She has 6 children, lots of grandchildren, and two great-grandkids. She raises chickens and rabbits and also loves her cats, her dog Boing Boing, and her horse too. She has a passion to groom, especially the little, old dogs.

  • andrea dog
    Andrea -

    She is a licensed Veterinary Technician. She graduated from Pierce College Fort Steilacom in 2009. She also has a fiancé of 8 years and together they have a 2 and a 1/2 year old son, 4 dogs, and 2 horses.

  • julie dog
    Julie -

    She grew up in Castle Rock Washington and did live in California for a short time. She loves wakeboarding, snowboarding, riding motorcycles, and playing video games. She is a very loud and outgoing human. She has the most beautiful 9 year old beagle in the world named Bailey Ann. She spends most of her days at work petting and helping all the animals she can, while the rest at home playing video games. She lives a simple life, but it can be quite exciting.

  • Heidi
    Heidi -

    She's a 1988 Graduate of Winlock High School where she was a part of FFA. She is currently living in Chehalis and has always loved working with animals. She has been grooming dogs since she was 15 years old, which is where her passion lies here at RBPC/NVVS. She loves meeting new people and facing challenges everyday.

  • mackenzie and animals collage
    Mackenzie -

    She is a native of Chehalis and graduated from Washington State University with a B.S. in wildlife ecology and graduated from the University of Idaho with a Master's in natural resources. She has a 14 year old cat named Frisco that she's had since he was a kitten and a one year old puppy named Leia and they are the best of friends. She absolutely loves working with animals and is also currently working with WDFW to restore native species habitat. She can often be found skiing, hiking, camping, and kayaking in her free time.

  • madi and cow
    Madi -

    Madi is one of our highly skilled Veterinary Technicians at our Newaukum Valley Veterinary Services location. She has lived in Chehalis all of her life. Her favorite animal is a cow (even though she's allergic to them). She has many fur babies, including Topaz her beagle, Rosko her Corgi, 2 horses, and many cows! She enjoys being outdoors on her family farm.

  • j and w
    Jane -

    Jane is a mother of 3, step-mother of 3, Grandmother of 4, and dog mom to 3. She is from England, but has been in America for the past 20 years. With her many life experiences (you should hear some of her stories), she is bringing all of that worldly knowledge to us and to better help our clients. She always brightens everyone's mood when she comes into the room. She knows when to take things lightheartedly, but also when to start cracking down.

  • meg dog
    Megan -

    Megan has been working in the field of Veterinary Medicine for over 5 years. She enjoys talking with the clients as well as loving on their furry-friends. Megan is a wife, and mother of one daring little boy and an expecting mom to another. She has 3 dogs, 1 cat, 2 lizards and chickens. In her free time, she enjoys either binge-watching netflix or spending time with family, whether that be spending quality time at home or going and getting muddy on the quad. 

  • fel and animals edited
    Felicia -

    Felicia graduated from WSU with her bachelors in Zoology in May of 2019. She likes to hang out with her two dogs, Ghost and Oscar, and her cat Brunswick when she's not at work. She also bowls competitively and she was on the WSU collegiate bowling team for the 2018-2019 season.

  • tami two dogs
    Tami -

    Tami joined our team in October, 2019. After traveling the country for many years working in the prosthetic medical industry, she has now returned to the Northwest to pursue her dream of joining a Veterinary team. Her girls joined her while in Georgia (Bianca Sue..a rescue pup and Nikita Grace) and the very best part of her day is coming home to their unconditional love.

  • tara
    Tara -

    Tara plays the flute classically and even played it while in college. Her favorite musician is definitely Weird Al and her favorite fast food place is Taco Bell. Her favorite type of dog is Chihuahua and she has plenty of them to prove her love of them.

  • Taylor
    Taylor -

    Taylor has recently joined our team and is in a variety of positions here at Newaukum Valley Veterinary Services. She is dedicated to helping all the animals she can. She is from the little town of McCleary and is happily married with two young boys who keep her on her toes. Taylor also has two dogs that she considers to be her children as well. She loves to be outdoors in her free-time with her family and her long term goal is to be working with big farm animals and own her own mobile butcher shop to pass on to her boys. PS.... She is a fantastic cook!

  • Louise
    Louise -

    After leaving California to move to Japan and then to Texas, Louise was ready to move back to the West Coast. Luck had it, her husband of 18 years was transferred to Washington. She loves the outdoors, rock hounding, riding her quad and fishing. But most of all, she loves her 4 fur-babies: Bella, Cody, Kylie and Waylon. They keep her busy and her heart full. She enjoys getting to know both client's and their pets, feeling as though the Newaukum Valley And River Bend Family continues to grow with each new face.

  • Beth
    Beth -

    Beth is one of our groomers, she has been grooming for over five years. She is a mom of a wild boy. She is an avid animal lover of all types big and small. Her favorite breed is French Bulldogs. She currently has her hands full with three adult Frenchies and three Frenchie puppies and an older dog named fatboy. Beth partakes in showing her french bulldog named Franny (Francesca) and promotes health testing to better the breed. 

  • Zoey
    Zoey -


  • Daisy
    Daisy -

    Daisy works at both River Bend Pet Center and Newaukum Valley Vet Services. She enjoys and excels in any position she is in within both of our facilities. She was born and raised in Texas but moved to Washington because she enjoys the cold weather and many climates Washington has to offer. She has a handsome German Shepherd pup named Luka as well as a few kitties named: Peaches, Bells, Baby, Chika and TT.


Read What Our Clients Say

  • After 13 years of doggy day-care daily at another local place, we decided to try River Bend Pet Center . We couldn't be more thrilled with the switch. Dr. Fay and her staff are TOP CLASS! They realize that your pets are part of your family and that's how they treat them. We feel our dogs are being well treated here and we have never seen them so excited when we arrive at the center . A minimum of 5 outside playtimes and walks, Air conditioned, and high end kennels, ( no chain link fencing) and

    - David H.
  • I love this place. It is very calm and peaceful which is wonderful for my high stressed Shepherd. Brandy and staff are very accommodating and makes us feel welcome and comfortable. Thanks for being there for all my fur babies!

    - Judy M.
  • Dr Brandy Fay is simply the best. She genuinely cares for each of our furbabies. Whenever I have a question or concern she responds almost immediately. This is truly her passion. And we are forever grateful for her and her practice.

    - Patti N.
  • My only wish is that we would have found Dr Fay sooner. She is the best and has created a wonderful facility to further reach the needs of the community and and our beloved companions.

    - Brian S.
  • A beautiful, immaculate facility owned and operated by a caring, compassionate and highly-skilled veterinarian. Her pet-first philosophy is evident throughout. Daycare, overnight or longer stays are supervised and the animals receive daily attention and exercise in addition to their basic requirements.

    - Patti B.

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RBPC: Closed for Vet Services

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RBPC: Closed for Vet Services

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RBPC: Closed for Vet Services

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RBPC: Closed for Vet Services State: 8:00 - 6:00 pm, Appointments start at 9:30am
RBPC: Closed for Vet Services State: 8:00 - 6:00 pm, Appointments start at 9:30am
RBPC: Closed for Vet Services State: 8:00 - 6:00 pm, Appointments start at 9:30am.
RBPC: Closed for Vet Services State: 8:00 - 6:00 pm, Appointments start at 9:30am.
RBPC: Closed for Vet Services State: 8:00 - 6:00 pm, Appointments start at 9:30am.
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